What is the difference between Heated/unheated stones?

During Heating stones are put in furnaces in very high temperature and this alters and destroys the internal characteristics of a stone but enhances external beauty. Natural unheated stones internal characteristics are completely intact as made in earth’s crust for million of years & its colour and luster is completely natural whereas heated stones get their luster and colour artificially through furnaces.

For astrology purpose why should I wear an unheated, untreated gemstones?

When astrology evolved there were no treatments of precious stones done on, the stones used were in there most natural form, thus astrology must have linked its utility to real untreated gemstones.

As a layman, how can I be sure that any given stone is natural or heated one?

It is practically not possible to judge a gemstone with naked eyes. So one should opt for certified sealed gemstone and carefully check what the certificate says about the treatment/enhancement in the stone.

In future will the prices of unheated, untreated natural gems go up?

The Rarity value of natural gems will tremendously shoot up in future. These are gems which took millions of years in earths core to be formed.

What is the buyback policy?

If you come for selling a stone we will reexamine the stone and help you in selling it

I want to test a stone before wearing it, what is the procedure?

These are all unheated rare gems, usually we do not provide a service for that.

After wearing a stone for some time why does the color fade away?

There are some treatments like irradiation that do not give the stone a permanent colour. The colour fade away as the stone is exposed to light and heat.

Are there any kind of treatments whose colour do not fade away?

Yes, there are treatments which can give permanent colour and clarity to stones. These treatments are heating, beryllium diffusion etc.

Is there any other shop available which also deals in natural stones?

These are rare of the rarest gemstones. Very few people have the expertise to identify and trade in this quality of gemstones.  Search on the internet or a market survey can be helpful