Only 100% S4 Certified

Only S4 Certified Gems Proving 100% Authenticity with Zero Artificial Processing

No Heat & Chemical Tampering

Certification of NO tampering with Chemicals and Heat to the natural stone.

4 International Certifications

Globally recognised GRS, GIA, GII, Gubelin certified gems

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Only 100% S4 Certified Genuine Gemstones with Authenticity Proof

Pledge of Purity

95% of the Gems in the commercial market are tampered and chemically processed in some or the other way. This not only takes away the real essence and value of the gem but also is often harmful to the body.

We at ML Natural Gems deal with the rarest of the rare curated natural gems meant for the heirloom in the family to be passed on from one generation to the other. As we say it ” You take home a Gem of the Gems”  

Click here to know more about how tampering and processing affect your Gems & here to know about the Checklist before you purchase your Gem

Beware for Forgery! 95% of Gemstones in the market worldwide are adulterated. Untreated Gemstones can be 100 times more valuable than treated ones

Price of Blue Sapphire 5cts Pure Vs Diffusion treated

Price of Ruby Sapphire 5cts Pure Vs Glass/Lead Filled

Price of Emerald 7cts Pure Vs Fracture Filling Tampered

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing for Natural Gems and Jewellery with optimum value for money

Personalized Consulting

Personalized consulting on Gems and how to identify the pure ones right for you

Internationally Certified Gemologists

The firm is run by professional gemmologists from GIA ( USA) and FGA ( London)

Actual Unedited Images Taken by Our Happy Clients


Mrs Stuti Gupta and Mr Ranjan Adhikary
Associate Vice President, Citibank Mumbai

“I decided to search online and came across “ML Natural Gems”. We visited their store in Saket New Delhi and discussed our detailed requirements with Swati and Aarti. They were most helpful. They first took the effort to educate us on the important elements of how to choose a ring, in terms of gold vs platinum, the four C’s of diamonds etc. They showed us multiple designs and finally offered to create a special design

“As I live in Australia, I tried a few shops here and tried to learn about sapphires through internet websites. It was pretty challenging but I was fortunate to find the ML Natural Gems -Run by Gemologist from GIA, who made a lot of effort to assist me and they provided me with in depth information about untreated stones. I learned a lot about untreated sapphires and other stones and why I should not buy artificially treated stones, as an untreated stone will reflect your inner self and truthfulness.

Dr. Seema Aggarwal(Brisbane, Australia)