99 Years of Legacy

M. L Natural Gems is the coloured stone division of Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers, Meerut, The Jewelry store since 1920. The Store has made its mark in Northern India for selling Best Quality Diamonds and Authentic Gold Jewellery.

The Store is run by GIA Professionals Swati Shekhar & Aarti Shekhar, Fourth Generation in the Jewelry Business.

Ms. Swati Shekhar Graduated from G.I.A California in 2006 and has been actively involved in the procurement of Rare Natural Gemstones. She has been an Ex-visiting Faculty of NIJDT Okhla, New Delhi.

Ms. Aarti Shekhar Gemologists from GIA California(2006) and FGA Lomdon(2017) and a Jewellery Designer. Also an MBA takes care of the styling and marketing of M. L Natural Gems.

From Nature with Love

Gemstones are few of the most well-preserved gifts of nature for the human-kind. For thousands of years, mother nature holds these precious gems within herself as it develops into something truly beautiful.

Just like a mother gives birth to a child, by the time a Gem has developed within her, it takes years and even more hurdles to actually retrieve. it from its depths so that you can enjoy its beauty.

We humans like savages have tried to play around with most gifts of nature including Gemstones so much so that 95% of the Gemstones out in the market are adulterated. While the gems lose their basic essence of properties in the process, some of us like in MLNatural Gems have taken the ” Pledge of Purity”.

Our mission is to provide you the purest of the rarest of  Gems as it is preserved and developed by mother nature.

Add some testimonials after WHY SHOULD U TRUST US, so let the patrons talk for us.

Our Expertise

Gem Purity
Consultant Expertise
Personalized Support
International Recognition

Why Should You Trust Us?

If our 99 years of legacy and trust is not a reason enough for you to understand our level of integrity, we have more reasons for you to trust us on our Gem quality.

International Recognition by all the major key bodies in the field of Gemstones for all our products ensures that we actually walk the talk with concrete proof. Every time we curate our rarest gems from across the globe ensuring NO tampering, protecting it from being destroyed by the perils of the commercial market- preserving them the way nature formed them with all the goodness

Our Natural Gemstones are few of the purest of gems left on the planet. Therefore will definitely fulfill your astrological requirements if you have one.

Natural Gemstone Jewellery is kept as an heirloom in the Royal Families around the globe- so is the value of these rare pieces. As we speak in 21st Century, these gemstone jewellery is regarded as an investment based on the future valuation. Do Contact us to know further

Our 5 Point Quality System

  1. 99 Years of Legacy from one of the most reputed jewellers in North India
  2. Internationally certified by GIA, GRS(Switzerland), Gubelin, Gemological Institute of India etc for 100% genuine
  3. All certifications are proof to our Top grade Gems as they explicitly mention the same
  4. All certifications mention that there has been no tampering of heat or chemicals on the Natural Gemstones
  5. Our team of Gemologists trained in the USA will ensure you only receive the most personalized and useful consultation when it comes to buying ” A Gem of a Gem”