Check list before you


1. Always take a gemstone’s certificate provided by an internationally recognized laboratory.

2. Look for the status of treatment (heated or unheated) carefully in the certificate.

3. Conversion of carat and Ratti should be clear. Carat is the international unit for weight of gemstones, calculate and buy in carats.

4. For a genuine purchase decision stay with a professional or a jeweler with serious gemological training.

5. You must take a detailed bill of your purchase; it works as an undisputed future reference document

Indian Measurement System

In India people generally buy and sell gemstones according to Rati weight, but it is advised to buy them according to Carat weight because carat is a standard measurement.

Ayurvedic Ratti
1 tola = 11.664 gms
1 tola = 12 masha
1 masha = 8 ratti
1 tola = 12 x 8 ratti
1 ratti = 121.5 mg

Gold Ratti
1 tola = 16 aane
1 aana = 4 ratti
1 ratti = 182.25 mgm

Conversion from Carat and Ratti to mg
1 Carat = 200 mg
1 Ratti = 121.5 mg (in ayurveda this Rati is used) or
1 Ratti = 182.25 mg